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Unique Perspective
What’s Bugging My Skin

Bug bites or stings, hemorrhoids, Candida infections, cracked heels, nail fungus, athlete’s foot, jock itch –
this all-in-one skin ointment is a must for your medicine cabinet.  It is proven to also be effective for a
variety of other skin conditions, especially the parasitic infections such as ring worms and scabies, in both
humans and dogs.
I specifically formulated these ointments to meet the needs of my clients, family, friends and self. Over the years, my herbal ointments, specific for their indications, have proven to be beneficial
with my clients in overcoming many problems.

The ointments at Unique Perspective are all natural, made with only the purest food-grade materials. I am mindful of the fact that fats are absorbed by the skin and act as a carrier to transport the
herbs and nutrients into the body. The majority of the herbs are organically grown in my own gardens and harvested at their peak potency. Any others I do not grow are purchased from organic
sources. Imperatively I use the proper varieties and parts of the plants that are most potent in their healing properties. These herbs are gently, but thoroughly, infused into the finest first cold
pressed oils (chosen for their own specific naturally occurring nutrients and phytochemicals) then thickened with bee’s wax. Besides being an emulsifier, bee’s wax possesses its own natural
antibacterial and anti-microbial properties.

Use these ointments sparingly, rubbing them in well. They feel a little greasy but absorb rapidly into the skin.  It is recommended to apply them as needed for relief throughout the day and before

To best preserve the ointment’s freshness and potency, keep away from heat and light. If stored properly, these preparations will be viable for years.

Remember to check for all allergies, contraindications and interactions before using herbs medicinally.

No More Pain

Suffering from joint or muscle pain? Then this ointment is made for you. It is formulated with a specific
variety of herbs that act as natural analgesics (pain killers), anti-inflammatories and lymphagogues
(lymphatic stimulators). Apply as needed for the relief of swelling, inflammation, arthritis, sore or sprained
muscles, joint and deep tissue pain, enlarged lymph nodes and to encourage removal of the body’s toxic
debris through lymphatic drainage.
Soothe Me Softly

Bothered by rough, dry skin or just wanting to pamper your complexion? Soothe Me Softly is an everyday
skin care ointment with a small amount of naturally occurring sunscreens.
Calendula, chamomile and St.
John’s wort
flowers are infused into a blend of sesame seed, sunflower seed and olive oils then
fragranced with lavender. Soothe Me Softly soothes dry, itchy, flaky skin and annoying rashes, even
diaper rash. It is gentle enough to use on faces, baby’s skin, as well as sore, dried and cracked dog paws.
Baby Buns Butter

For kissable butts of all ages. Baby Buns Butter is an ointment specially designed for the treatment of
diaper rashes in both infants and others in need. The soothing and curative herbs calendula, chamomile
and heal all, are infused into coconut oil which restores the skin’s normal pH.  It containing naturally
occurring antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial properties which prevents and alleviates the reasons
for most rashes. It is also safe and effective to use on cradle cap, cracked nipples,*even on dry, sore and
cracked dog paws.
*Even though this ointment is safe and edible, if desired remove before nursing.
2 oz. Jar is $16.00 and 1 oz.Tin is $8.00
2 oz. Jar is $16.00 and 1 oz. Tin is $8.00
2 oz. Jar is $16.00 and 1 oz. Tin is $8.00
2 oz. Jar is $16.00, 1 oz. Tin is $8.00,
Click on Photos for back Label.
2 oz. Jar is $16.00, 1 oz. Tin is $8.00,
2 oz. Jar is $16.00, 1 oz. Tin is $8.00,
2 oz. Jar is $16.00, 1 oz. Tin is $8.00,
Burn Be Gone

Burns hurt! The pain is unique unto itself and you want relief NOW. That is why every medicine cabinet
should house a jar of Burn No More ointment. Echinacea, calendula, gota kola, heal all, turmeric and aloe
are gently infused into coconut oil and lard to make this soothing preparation. Apply frequently to relieve
the pain and encourage healing of minor burns, including heat, sun, wind, radiation and chemical burns.
Pampered Paws

Does the four-legged friend in your life suffer from dried, cracked or irritated paws? This tasty, coconut oil-
based ointment is infused with the gentle vulneraries - chamomile, calendula and heal all.  It is completely
edible, so feel assured as you rub this ointment on your pet’s feet to ease their aching paws. Let them finish
licking it all the way in.
Wound Warrior

Wounds, cuts, abrasions, lacerations, scrapes, gashes, lesions, bruises and contusions - we all get boo-boos
now and then.  When we do, it is wise to care for them with a topical preparation to ensure rapid and proper
healing. Wound Warrior contains vulnerary and styptic herbs to staunch bleeding and infections, plus
facilitates healing of open wounds, ulcerated skin, bed sores and rashes.