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     The link below is for my general dietary guidelines.  Adjust the recommendations appropriately if you have any food
    allergies, are a vegetarian or an athlete.  
    General Dietary Recommendation

        Yeast-free diets are difficult to enact and to remain on long-term.  Clients get discouraged eating such a restricted diet.  
    Yeast and fungus are living organisms.  They want to survive and crave the foods that allows them to thrive and
    reproduce.  Yeast-free diets restricts such foods.   However,  the infected individual still finds the cravings hard to resist.

        In many people, not being able to stick to a diet, will lead to feelings of guilt.  There is no room for guilt in healing!  

        Knowing that these cravings exist, I have a created a modified yeast diet that reduces the amount of forbidden foods.  
    It is a first step I take with my clients, while I am working with them to eradicate the infection and balance their flora.

      Getting rid of the underling yeast/fungal infection or gut dysbiosis, stops the cravings of such foods that feed the
    infection.  This diet is to be used in the short term, as a stepping stone to get the individual to a more suitable diet such
    as Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride's the GAPS Diet or Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet .  
       Modified Yeast Diet
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