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Leaky Gut

Uh, the gripping pain of digestive distress!  Digestive issues can affect many aspects of a person’s health and social life.  These
problems may be as straightforward as:

    and flatulence

due to lack of the body’s production of hydrochloric acid, digestive enzymes or a Candida yeast infection.  Left untreated, gut
dysbiosis can set in, creating the optimal environment in which
parasitic, viral and bacterial infections can grow and thrive;
upsetting the delicate balance of not only the gut’s microbiome but the microbiome throughout the entire body.   

Keep in mind our brain and the nervous system of intestinal tract (the enteric nervous system) comes from the same neonatal
tissue, creating a unique interconnected relationship between the health of the gut and the health of the brain throughout an
individual’s life.  Furthermore, some of our brain’s neurotransmitters are made in the flora of the small  intestines.  If the
intestinal microbiome is unbalanced, these neurotransmitters will not be produced properly.  This deficiency can lead to:

   sleep disorders
   and a myriad of other social, emotional and psychological  problems.

The barrier layer between the intestines and bloodstream is just one cell layer thick of enterocytes. There are small gaps, called
tight junctions, between the enterocytes to let completely digested food or basic nutrients into the blood stream for proper
growth, repair, regeneration and regulation of the body’s systems, organs and tissue.  
Stress, poor diet, alcohol, toxins, certain
pharmaceutical agents gliadin from the breakdown of gluten, and gut dysbiosis
can inflame the enterocytes.  When the
enterocytes become inflamed, they change shape.  Consequently, the tight junctions become enlarged, allowing undigested food
particles to cross the intestinal barrier entering directly into the blood stream.   

The body’s immune system identifies the undigested food particles in the blood as foreign substances.  In response, it sends out
antibodies (white blood cells) to engulf and breakdown these antigens.  This intestinal hyper permeability condition is known as
leaky gut syndrome.   Left unmitigated, food sensitivities, allergies, and immune insufficiencies can occur.  

Besides digestive disorders and food allergies, leaky gut is now associated with a plethora of other conditions.  Intestinal hyper
permeability is a contributing factor in:

            inflammatory diseases including arthritis
            rashes and other skin conditions
            asthma and sinusitis
            migraine headaches
            bowel disorders
            hormonal imbalances including thyroid problems
            dementia and Alzheimer's disease
            and 34 autoimmune diseases!

Leaky gut can be reversed and the associated conditions brought into remission.  That healing journey includes individualized
lifestyle and dietary changes, the removal of toxins, and the short-term use of nutritional and/or herbal supplements to facilitate
the regeneration and function of healthy cells, tissue and the microbiome.  

For information on how to reverse your health-related conditions, please contact Donna Wild at 970-669-1380 or
donnawild@msn.com to set-up a complimentary 15 minute initial consultation to start you on your path to good health.    
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